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Business Strategy Coaching Cohort 2024

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Thank you for accepting my invite to explore the Cohort Program.

Do you find yourself navigating the complexities of business growth, grappling with strategic decisions, and seeking a supportive coach to propel your business journey forward? If so, my cohort program is tailored for visionaries like you. We understand the challenges you face and offer more than a program – we provide a strategic haven where your aspirations meet a dedicated, passionate coach that willl take the journey with you. Are you ready to move beyond the status quo? Join my program and discover the transformative power of strategic collaboration, mentorship, and a team dedicated to your success.


3 Months or 12 weeks

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One on One Private


Video Conferencing Coaching Sessions


Consultations and Coaching Sessions

about the coach

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Commencing my journey in 1999, I focused on business studies at the University of Technology, majoring in Production and Operations Management with a minor in multimedia and digital design. An Executive MBA from the University of New Orleans solidified my vision, passion for change, and comprehensive skills, leading to the establishment of Solutions Giant in 2011.

In 2021, achieving Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification marked my transition to an international business consultant. Noteworthy contributions include crafting business plans, leading turnarounds, and founding Business Mix Networking Social—a platform emphasizing the intrinsic value of networks in shaping one's NetWorth. Throughout, I have spearheaded numerous improvement events, served as a coach, and provided consulting expertise to businesses, facilitating their successful scale-up initiatives.

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Girl, Stand tall! This is an awesome package. Don't miss this opportunity. See you soon!

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Empowering businesses isn't just about growing profits; it's about nurturing the seeds of innovation, cultivating resilience, and fostering a culture where every success story begins with the belief that change is possible.

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216 Platinum Avenue, Mineral Heights, Clarendon |  |  Office: 876-627-2867

Whatsapp 876-345-6132

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Digital Artist

My Philosophy

  • The longer I am in business the more I am convinced my main job is to help people realize their dreams.

  • Business planning is less about pumping more money in, than you think it is

  • And more about knowing how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

  • For many of my clients that is buying a vacation home, traveling for months or even gifting to their family.

  • Realize how to achieve all your dreams as an entrepreneur and don’t wait for the new year to start. LETS DO THIS

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