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Unleash Your Inner Author


Our coaching services allows you to publish eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcover books. We give you direct access to your book in the top online store, and allow you to create a platform to launch. You will also be coached on the option to expand your book’s availability on a global scale, making it more accessible for readers around the world. Publishing with our coaching gives you full rights to your book, which is not something a traditional publishing house typically allows.

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publishing account

To manage your published book, you will require an account for online proofing, sales, accounting, pricing, and more


Our design services will include book cover design, manuscript formatting, print proof editing.


We provide a free 15 minutes consultation to guide you where to start. We will recommend the best methods based on your goals.

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We would love to meet you on your journey, whether you are still holding a blank page or you have your manuscript ready to publish. We still need to hear from you, if you already published but ready for a launch. Don't miss our best seller challenge coming soon. 

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Coaching and Consultation Service List

  1. Book Idea Development:

    • Brainstorming and refining book ideas.

    • Identifying profitable and marketable book topics.

  2. Manuscript Preparation:

    • Assisting authors in structuring their manuscripts.

    • Providing guidance on writing style, tone, and voice.

  3. Editing and Proofreading (Coming soon):

    • Reviewing and editing manuscripts for grammar, style, and coherence.

    • Offering proofreading services to catch errors and typos.

  4. Cover Design Assistance:

    • Guiding authors on effective book cover design principles.

    • Recommending professional cover designers or tools and drafting.

  5. Formatting Support:

    • Helping authors format their manuscripts for Kindle and paperback.

    • Providing guidance on layout and formatting issues.

  6. Publisher's Account Setup:

    • Assisting authors in setting up their KDP accounts.

    • Guiding through the book publishing process on KDP.

  7. Pricing Strategies:

    • Advising on optimal pricing strategies for ebooks and paperback.

    • Explaining the impact of pricing on sales and royalties.

  8. Marketing and Promotion:

    • Creating a marketing plan for book launches.

    • Providing strategies for effective book promotion.

  9. Keyword Optimization:

    • Teaching authors how to optimize book titles, descriptions, and keywords.

    • Conducting keyword research for better discoverability.

  10. Navigating KDP Reports:

    • Helping authors understand and interpret sales reports.

    • Analyzing data to make informed decisions.

  11. Building Author Platform:

    • Coaching on building a strong author brand and platform.

    • Using social media and other channels for author promotion.

  12. Author Website Setup:

    • Assisting in setting up an author website or blog.

    • Integrating it with book promotion strategies.

  13. Handling Reviews and Feedback:

    • Advising on dealing with reviews, both positive and negative.

    • Strategies for engaging with readers and building a positive reputation.

  14. Advanced Publishing Strategies:

    • Exploring advanced KDP features and strategies.

    • Discussing options like Kindle Select, Kindle Vella, and more.

  15. Legal and Copyright Guidance (Referral):

    • Educating authors on copyright issues and protections.

    • Offering advice on legal aspects of self-publishing.

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