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Our Virtual Assistants are trained in their core areas of expertise. They already have tons of experience working for clients remotely and can help you streamline your outsourcing process. We match you to the Virtual Assistant whose existing skills will make the biggest impact on your workload.

Select Your Plan

  • Start-Up Virtual Assistant Plan - Lite

    Cada mes
    Small task work to keep on top of a few things
    • 8 Hours of Task Work Per Month
    • 1 User
    • 1 Dedicated Virtual Assistant
    • Available 9am-6pm
    • VA responses within 2 business hours
    • Includes all supported tasks
  • Start-Up Virtual Assistant Plan

    Cada mes
    Managing small tasks to stay organized and efficient in handling various responsibilities
    • 12 Hours of Task Work Per Month
    • 1 User
    • 1 Dedicated Virtual Assistant
    • Available 9am-6pm
    • VA responses within 2 business hours
    • Includes all supported tasks
  • Small to Medium Business Plan

    Cada mes
    Operational help for everyday business tasks
    • 24 Hours of Task Work Per Month
    • 2 Users
    • 1 Dedicated Virtual Assistant
    • Available 9am-6pm
    • VA responses within 2 business hours
    • Includes all supported tasks

Unleash Your Best


Kickoff delegation strategy call to help you get started with the highest impact tasks


2 hour response times during your business hours


Virtual assistants are skilled, organized and amazing


Direct contact to your dedicated assistant via phone, SMS, and email

  • Email Management: Sorting, responding to, and organizing emails.

  • Calendar Management: Scheduling appointments, setting reminders, and managing events.

  • Data Entry: Inputting and updating information into databases or spreadsheets.

  • Business Travel Planning: Booking flights, hotels, transportation, and creating itineraries.

  • Website Update: Basic website udpate

  • Document Preparation: Drafting, editing, and formatting documents, presentations, and reports.

  • Meeting Coordination: Setting up conference calls, arranging meeting venues, and sending out invites.

  • Customer Support: Providing assistance to customers via email, chat, or phone.

  • Social Media Management: Posting updates, responding to comments, and managing social media accounts.

  • Online Shopping Assistance: Researching products, comparing prices, and making purchases on behalf of the client.

  • Expense Tracking: Recording and categorizing expenses, creating expense reports.

  • Personal Errands: Scheduling appointments, ordering food, and handling miscellaneous tasks.

  • File Organization: Sorting, labeling, and organizing files and documents.

  • Transcription: Converting audio or video recordings into written text.

  • Language Translation: Translating documents or communications between languages.

  • Reminder Services: Setting reminders for important tasks, appointments, or deadlines.

  • Event Planning: Organizing and coordinating events, including venue selection and guest management.

  • Bookkeeping: Managing invoices, tracking expenses, and reconciling accounts.

  • Content Creation: Writing blog posts, articles, or social media content.

  • Virtual Meeting Support: Facilitating virtual meetings, managing chat discussions, and recording minutes.

  • Personal Finance Management: Budgeting, tracking expenses, and monitoring financial accounts.

  • Online Course Assistance: Enrolling in courses, managing schedules, and organizing course materials.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Setting up appointments with doctors, hairstylists, or other service providers.

  • Technical Support: Assisting with troubleshooting computer or software issues.

  • Content Curation: Gathering relevant articles, videos, or resources on specific topics.

  • Market Research: Gathering data and insights on competitors, trends, and market opportunities.

  • Database Management: Updating and maintaining databases, CRM systems, or contact lists.

  • Personal Development: Researching courses, workshops, or resources for self-improvement.

  • Can I change my plan?
    Yes, you can. If you need to, you can downgrade or upgrade your plan. When you request a plan change, it will go into the following month.
  • What if I don’t use up my hours?
    We do our very best to make sure that never happens. Our assistants chat regularly with their managers (AKA delegation experts) to strategize ways to help you. We’re not able to roll over hours, but as long as you’re on the right plan, this won’t be a problem.
  • Can my assistant manage multiple inboxes?
    Yes, once it's related to the user set-up.
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